When I started flying I didn’t even know about loss of licence insurance, or maybe I had heard of it, but didn’t put any thought into it at all. I am sure there are a lot of people exactly like me, that either don’t know about it or just don’t think that they need it.


If you could predict the future this would be an easy option – Yes or No.
But in reality you never know and it is therefore your choice to take the risk or pay the bills. One thing I will say is that I did get a quote from a company once in South Africa, this was when I had just started working for Susi Air and could at least afford to check it out. Even then it was stretching my bank account and in the end I decided against it. I decided that the only thing that would keep me from flying was my weak right eye and because I was aware of it already it would not be included in my cover (most of the time they won’t include any pre-existing conditions).


Fast forward 3 years.
I have been battling testicular cancer for about a year now, I lost my medical the day I found out. Of course there was a possibility to get it back, but unfortunately the cancer has spread from my testicle to my lungs and now to my brain. Don’t worry I am on the road to recovery and should have this thing beat in no time.
But back to the main issue. I lost my medical. Not because of my eye, but because of something I had never thought about. So I sit here not knowing if I will ever be able to fly again and kind of regret not taking out the insurance when I had the chance, but nothing you can do about hindsight.


Luckily for me I still have options, I have been working in the industry for +-10 years so can quite easily move into another area in aviation, particularly the management side of things. However this is not an option for a lot of people. I have also set myself up to have other forms of income that should help get me to where I can live comfortably again.
So I would recommend taking a look at the options below, even if it is just to get a quote.
You never know, it can happen to you!


I’ll leave a list here of a few companies that offer the cover here:
Samantha Schnetler (RSA)
Pilot Insure (RSA)
DrewBerry Insurance (UK)
Global Flying Insurance (UK)
Pilot SAAM (Global)
Global Insurance Agency (USA, Global)

I have no connection to any of these companies and have just put them here so you can find out some more information.

Would I do it differently in the end?
Probably not, I think in the end I would still choose not to get the loss of licence insurance and just take the risk of losing my medical. Maybe not the best choice, but hey that is just me.


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