So which way to go, do you take the Single Engine or Multi Engine?

Again I would just like to remind my readers that this is an opinion, neither choice is right or wrong. I will put a poll at the end again, so please vote and leave your own opinions in the comments below.

This post is directed more to the students out there that are busy with there training or about to start the road to that Commercial Pilots Licence. We were all in the same boat, having to decide which way to go, Mulit or Single. Luckily we can take our time with this as the Multi Class rating is generally only done at the end of training.

I personally did a Multi Com, and I can say that had I had the choice again I would have not done it (although I loved flying it). My reasons are my own, so for some it may differ. After doing my initial Multi Com I went straight into an instructors course at FTC in George, which cost at the time R 30,000.00. Now this is quite a bit of money to spend, especially after spending so much on the Com, and I can only imagine what the costs are these days. The one thing though is that the Instructor Rating has been a lot more help in getting jobs than the Multi rating. So why not take the money that you would have spent on doing all that multi time and invest it in doing an Instructors Rating. Or possibly doing time on a C210 or something that you could realistically get a job on straight out of air school. Now I know all the air schools will be trying to push this Multi on you, because in the end they will make more money, but take the time to think about all the options and do some research.

Saying all of that there are definitely some advantages to doing a Multi Com. First off if you are lucky enough to be in the right place and the right time when someone is looking for a multi piston pilot you definitely have the upper hand over the single guys. You are also gaining a skill that in the end will always have and even if you don’t keep it current can always renew it with a flight test. Having that multi rating and time on your CV can help for the right jobs, for example if a company plans on progressing you to their twin fleet.

I think in the end there are so many things to consider when choosing which to do. If you have the money and have dreams of getting into the airlines, then why not do it. But just remember like everything there are always plenty different ways of getting around things, you may get a job that pays for the rating for you.
Also this is more for the South Africans who don’t have to do a Single and Multi test… I know in other countries it way be different.

The most important thing is to do you research, get quotes for both multi and single from different schools and remember the decision doesn’t have to happen straight away.

Have a look at CARS 61.09.2 for more info about Class Rating Requirements

Good luck with the training and enjoy.

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