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This is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I would write it all down here so you are able to get all the same information.

First of all I am not the person that Hires or has any say in who gets hired at Susi Air, so please don’t ask me to “put in a good word” or personally hand in a CV for you. Unless I know you well I will not recommend you to the company.

So lets start:

First of all you need to hold a valid IFR Commercial Pilot Licence (FAA, ICAO or EASA) with at least 250 hrs TT, this is a minimum requirement for expat pilots in Indonesia, the company however prefers pilots with more than 750 hrs TT.
Be the age of 23 or older, again this is preferable but the company has hired people younger than this.
You need to be a nice person, remember this is a multi-crew company and you live with the people you fly with, so we don’t want people that are not easy to get along with.

If you meet all above criteria you can apply at recruiting@susiair.com, the Training Managers name is Reiner. Remember to make your CV look professional and to the point, follow this link to get a template. There are a lot of people applying all the time, so be patient and keep updating your CV.

Bear in mind that you will have to travel to Indonesia on your own expense for the interview, so if you don’t  have the financial means to do so, maybe wait to apply until you do. On that note there is also a training bond of 2500 USD if you get accepted.

The Interview Process
It is mentioned on a view sites on the internet already, but the interview process consists of 4 basic sections: Pre-Interview, Tests, Sim and Interview with  a Panel of management.
Pre-interview: English and personality test over the internet from home, this costs USD 150.
In Indonesia:
Tests: math, compass, basic aviation knowledge, C208B knowledge
Sim: basic IFR sim test, on a C172 G1000 sim. (link to G1000 trainer app at the bottom)
Interview: Scenarios, personal questions, general knowledge

It usually takes a few weeks to get an answer if you have passed or not, so be patient and just wait for the mail, they will let you know.

That is about all the information I can give you, the rest is up to you to study hard and perform well in the interview! Helpful tip is to do some practice Sim sessions before you come to Indonesia.

If you have more questions please feel free to email me.

C208B Manual
Flight Safety C208B G1000 Manual
G1000 Trainer

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