Should I use a electronic or Paper Logbook?

Well there is no easy answer to this, both have their advantages and in the end it comes down to your own personal preference.

The paper logbook

Well what can I say. There is nothing quite like holding a book in your hand, writing those precious hours down on the page and being able to page through the many hours you have accumulated. I must admit that I do miss having the paper logbook (I still have it, but just don’t update it).

There is a bit of nostalgia that comes with being able to page back and have a look at the hours and remember the good times. You can make notes, stick photos, have signatures and make it your own record of history. Something that you can’t really do in a electronic logbook (beside the hours).

It takes a little more time to write and there is always a possibility of losing it or it getting damaged, but in the end it can be worth it. I have a few friends who would never switch over, they have filled a few logbooks now and keep adding to the pile. Their parents have their own logbooks from their days flying and often show them off to the new budding pilots of today.

It is something that they will be able to show their kids one day and take a trip down memory lane.

The electronic logbook

I personally use an electronic logbook. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is space in my bag. Because I move around a lot and therefore live out of a suitcase keeping it lite is key. Although a paper logbook does not weigh a lot it does add that extra 500g to my bag.

Now there are plenty other advantages to having an electronic logbook.
– It is easily accessible
– It auto fills fields
– You can back it up
– It can be accessed from your phone or laptop
– and the list goes on

I use a electronic logbook called EasyLog, it is a South African design, and although it has not been made into a app (yet) I find it extremely easy to use and user friendly. It comes with all the forms needed for licence renewals, which it auto fills, and makes it extremely easy to print pages and summaries.
Obviously there are plenty on the market and I will link a few of the most popular down below.

EasyLogbook (South Africa)
LogTen Pro (IOS only)

I have no affiliation to any of these products, but I have heard great things and have my own experience using EasyLogbook.

I hope you enjoyed my opinion on wether you should use an Electronic or Paper Logbook.

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