Another day another Rupiah;) Once again Ming and I had an easy day, the weather played its part with a nice high overcast layer to keep us cool and a couple of fair weather cumulus clouds scattered around. We split the legs 50-50 like always with Ming doing the first ad last and myself doing the middle two.
We had one incident with the Bengkulu tower who had cleared one of the local airlines to intercept the exact same radial we were on, after some swift radio calls the potential catastrophe was averted. The rest of the day went on like clockwork with us home by 15:00 to enjoy the late afternoon.


Route: WIGG to WIGE to WIGG to WIGM to WIGG
Hours: 3.4 hrs
Distance: 424 nm

Runway Details:

WIGG (Bengkulu)
Length – 2240 m
Elevation – 50 ft
Runway – 13/31

WIGE (Enggano)
Length – 1200 m
Elevation – 20 ft
Runway – 12/30

WIGM (Muko-Muko)
Length – 1400 m
Elevation – 16 ft
Runway – 14/32