Today was a beautiful day for flying, I flew with C. Ming as my co-pilot. Besides a couple small fair weather cumulus clouds dotted around it was clear skies. We heard one of the local carriers over the radio complaining that their wheel was stuck in a small hole on the apron and our stairs for the rear door broke a hinge, but besides that all went smoothly today.

Route: WIGG to WIGE to WIGG to WIGM to WIGG
Hours: 3.6 hrs
Distance: 424 nm

Runway Details:

WIGG (Bengkulu)
Length – 2240 m
Elevation – 50 ft
Runway – 13/31

WIGE (Enggano)
Length – 1200 m
Elevation – 20 ft
Runway – 12/30

WIGM (Muko-Muko)
Length – 1400 m
Elevation – 16 ft
Runway – 14/32