Today we got up ready for the day! Feeling refreshed and ready for the day we set off for the airport. Once we arrived we again went through the normal routine of checking documents, doing preflight and compressor wash. I got up in my seat, connected external power, checked the warning alarms and voltage and got ready for the compressor wash. First, turn both fuel tanks on, fuel boost normal and then on, battery on, external power to starter, go through my last flows, call out clear prop, timer start and then starter to motor (rotates the compressor/prop with starter motor. At 5% Ng I gave the signal to introduce the water, 5 seconds late Hadi, our mechanic, shouted to me to stop. I immediately stopped the motoring of the engine. I asked what the problem was and he (Hadi) told me he saw smoke coming from the starter/gen (this works as a starter below 46% Ng and a generator above that). We turned everything off, called the engineer and inspected the starter/gen. Hadi undid the screws and on removal of the cover we saw that wires had shorted. This was enough to ground the whole aircraft for the day until the engineer could get here and fix or install a new part.
So the day ended before it really started. Things like this happen, machines are not perfect and unfortunately break, luckily this was extremely minor and on the ground at our home base.

Have a good day!

Burnt Wires on Starter/Gen