Not an easy wake up this morning. After dragging myself out of bed I made a strong coffee and then set off for the airport with all my things. I would be staying in Banda Aceh for the next 4 days.

Descent into Blang Pidie

The first leg was to Blang Pidie. We took a bit of a detour straight over the mountains because of the beautiful weather. Great views of the range and a small erruption from Mount Sinabung, which happened to errupt on the flight back as well. We landed in Blang Pidie with a slight drizzle. With the steady drizzle we loaded the pax and set off back to Medan. A quick flight across the range again to Medan to refuel and get our next load. A quick coffee and some cheese breads and we were off again.

Mount Sinabung

The flight to Tapak Tuan was nice and easy with pretty good weather the whole way. The runway itself is located in a beautiful area nestled at the foot of the SW mountain range of Sumatra. I was able to get a couple photos before heading back to Medan. A quick flight back to Medan for some lunch and a bit of a break before our flight to Kutacane.

Tapak Tuan

We flew to Kutacane without any pax. There was a huge cell pretty much right in between us and our destination. We made our way around it with no problem and made it into land before the rain came in. Ray and I had a bit of a wait for the other crew who would be taking our plane and heading back to Medan. We chatted a bit, loaded up and set off for the last leg of the day. Because of weather the plane we had now received had used a bit more fuel than they had planned to use. We did a few calculations, checked the weather and set off on the most direct route we could possibly fly to get home with enough fuel in case weather wasn’t the way we were expecting it to be.

Build Up

In the end we made it home safe and sound.

Route: WIMM to WITO to WIMM to WIMT to WIMM to WIMU to WITT

Hours: 6 hrs


WIMM (Medan)
Elevation: 23ft
Runway: 05/23
Length: 3750m

WIMT (Tapak Tuan)
Elevation: 13ft
Runway: 14/32
Length: 1180m

WITO (Blang Pidie)
Elevation: 30ft
Runway: 15/33
Length: 1200m

WIMU (Kutacane)
Elevation: 296ft
Runway: 15/33
Length: 1600m

WITT (Banda Aceh)
Elevation: 65ft
Runway: 17/35
Length: 3000m