After a great sleep last night I woke up to a bit of a grey morning here in Banda Aceh, the light rain is amplified by the tin roof and really sounds like it is pouring when only a drizzle. Only 4 legs today and then a little bit of rest, I am looking forward to it. Got all my things together, including a flask of coffee, and headed to the airport for the day. Weather cleared up nicely around the airport and without delay we, Rob and I, were off to Nagan Raya. The turbulence from the South West winds nailed us as we climbed to our cruise altitude of 11,500 ft, but luckily smoothed out so I could enjoy my coffee without spilling it all over myself.
Today was a quiet day pax wise, possibly because it is weekend. With everyone loaded we set off for Singkil with beautiful weather, unfortunately my camera died and I could get as many photos as I wanted. Wind was calm so Rob opted for a direct approach runway 12 for a smooth landing.  Again not much activity at the airport, loaded up and set off back to Nagan.

Flat lands enroute Singkil

We were lucky enough to see Mount Sinabung erupting off our right wing, I am always amazed at the power of the volcanoes especially coming from a country that has none. Indonesia has had 76 historically active volcanoes, most in the world, with one of the most famous ones being Krakatoa in 1883. Currently 59 are being actively monitored.

Mount Sinabung Eruption

Back to the flying and Nagan for one of the faster turn arounds for the day. A quick flight over the mountains to Aceh where we arrived the same time as Batik, we opted to just hold a couple minutes to let them in before we made our approach and landing. Good Day.

Now for a futsal tonight and rest tomorrow. I would love a beer, but being in Aceh it is not very easy to get one…

Enroute Nagan

Route: WITT to WITC to WIMI to WITC to WITT

Hours: 4.0 hrs
Distance: 514 nm

Runway Details:

WITC (Nagan Raya)
Length – 1800 m
Elevation – 10 ft
Runway – 14/32

WITT (Sultan Iskandar Muda)
Length – 3000 m
Elevation – 65 ft
Runway – 17/35

WIMI (Singkil)
Length – 1200 m
Elevation – 20 ft
Runway – 12/30