After a couple days of doing sims and tests I had to do my check ride for route instructor. Floris and I flew to Halim to pick up Cpt Ali and bring him back to Pangabdaran.  Both flights were beautiful like most morning flights are and we got to enjoy it with a 35kt tailwind all the way to Halim. We refueled and once Ali was in the plane set off for the Beach Strip.  Weather again was great, but with a 35 kt headwind, and made it home just in time for another Sim session. The sky is a lovely and relaxing place to be!

Route: WICN to WIHH to WICS
Hours: 2.2 hrs
Distance: 283 nm

Runway Details:

WICN (Nusawiru) 
Length – 1400 m
Elevation – 20 ft
Runway – 07/25

WIHH (Halim) 
Length – 2800 m
Elevation – 84 ft
Runway -06/24

WICS (Beach Strip)
Length – 760 m (Coral)
Elevation – 0 ft
Runway – 09/27