Another day another Dollar (or Rupiah in my case)

Today Maseru and I were flying double captain again. Like I have said in previous posts it is always a little challenging flying with another captain, as we get set in our ways and like little things done in a very specific way. When flying with a co-pilot he just follows your way, but with another captain we can sometimes clash. However flying with Mas is always a pleasure for me, we are always debating some point here or there, as I think both of us are quite opinionated people.

Anyway back to the flying. Today was a 6 leg day, starting from Medan in the morning. We got through the morning routine of coffee, pre-flight and briefings before setting out on a quick hop to Silangit. Silangit is the airport which lies next to Lake Toba, which I spoke about in a previous post. This airport is now an international airport we found out. This is great for tourism for the airport with flights starting at 500,000.00 Rp for one way from Singapore.

Lake Toba

A semi quick turn around, delayed because of our food, and we were off to Binaka. A beautiful flight across the sea, with a great view of one of my favorite waterfalls flowing into the ocean. It must of had plenty rain in the last few days as it was huge compared to what I normally see. A nice easy landing in Binaka by me and soon after back in the air for our flight to  Sibolga.

Water fall Into the See

Another quick hop across the sea and we were there. We refueled and waited for the other crew to land from Telo. Always great having a chat and getting a few pictures while we catch up on what the last week has been like. We called boarding, got our pax strapped in and set off for the return legs of the day.

Refuel Sibolga

Back to Binaka where we picked up a full load of pax before heading to Silangit again. We had loaded enough fuel to finish all the legs which made the turn arounds nice and quick. An easy flight across with only a few bigish clouds along the mountain range separating us an the airport. Luckily they had not developed into anything serious yet and we easily weaved our way through to land without incident. Last turnaround and with Babi Bakar in hand we set off to Medan to finish the day.

SW Coast Sumatra

Route: WIMM to WIMN to WIMB to WIMS to WIMB to WIMN to WIMM

Hours:  4.4 Hrs


WIMM (Medan)
Elevation: 23ft
Runway: 05/23
Length: 3750m

WIMN (Silangit)
Elevation: 4649ft
Runway: 09/27
Length: 2250m

WIMB (Binaka)
Elevation: 20ft
Runway: 09/27
Length: 1350m

WIMS (Sibolga)
Elevation: 30ft
Runway: 12/30
Length: 2260m