Sunrise preflight

Rob and I woke up nice and early this morning to find out that the flight was 30 minutes later than we expected, but no harm as I got some sweets photos of the sunrise. Today was a quick day finishing at around 12:00 local time. We set off for Blang Pidie, which was my first time there in a while. Other than a couple puddles and a bird or two the approach and landing went smoothly. Rob did the next 2 legs to Similue and back. Rob is still very new in the company, only one tour down, so I have to remind myself I to be extra vigilant. All went well and we were soon back in Blang Pidie for the last leg of the day. Along the way we chatted to our other plane flying around the same area with a some laughter shared by all, we use a specific company frequency and keep the area frequency on, so we can keep a listen out.
The flight back was great with pretty clear skies, besides the high layer which has been around a lot lately, and some amazing views.
All in All a great day!

Rob watches the fuel drain

Route: WITT to WITB to WIML to WITB to WITT

Hours: 4.1 hrs
Distance: 550 nm

Runway Details:

WIML (Lasikin) 
Length – 1400 m
Elevation – 20 ft
Runway -07/25

Lasikin, C208

WITB (Blang Pidie)
Length – 1200 m
Elevation – 30 ft
Runway – 15/33

Blang Pidie ground crew

WITT (Sultan Iskandar Muda)
Length – 3000 m
Elevation – 65 ft
Runway – 17/35

Mountains Aceh