Loading Similue

Monday morning, not always easy getting up at 05:30, but up we were. Aymeric and I had a long day ahead of us and to add to the length for him he was doing he Captains Evaluation. I would spend the day quizzing him, putting him in different scenarios and generally assessing his ability to be Captain. Weather today has been pretty good with just a high layer keeping us cool. One of the flights is to an Similue Island which has some beautiful surf, I love being able to fly along the coast and just stare out the window at waves. After dropping our VIP (military) pax in Similue we set off for Nagan Raya and then Aceh. Lunch was a quick Soto Ayam (Chicken Soup), which was delicious. The next flight was the last I would have with Aymeric for a while as he was going to be swapping with Robert in Kutacane. The last 2 flights were long, but full of beautiful views and great weather. I kept myself busy with a book called Flying the Knifes Edge which is so far very good. It is about the flying adventures of Matt Mclaughlin in the mountains of Papua.

Home now having a coffee and rest before another day tomorrow.


Scenario for Evaluation

Route: WITT to WITC to WIML to WITC to WITT to WIMU to WITT

Hours: 7.2 hrs
Distance: 958 nm

Runway Details:

WIML (Lasikin) 
Length – 1400 m
Elevation – 20 ft
Runway -07/25

WITC (Nagan Raya)
Length – 1800 m
Elevation – 10 ft
Runway – 14/32

WITT (Sultan Iskandar Muda)
Length – 3000 m
Elevation – 65 ft
Runway – 17/35

WIMU (Kutacane)
Length – 1600 m
Elevation – 296 ft
Runway – 15/33


Aymeric and VIPs