Well another few days have past, my body and mind are definitely ready for a  break.

Today Ray and I flew 6 sectors. It was going to be an evaluation for Ray to become a Captain, or at least be sent for training. We have to have 2 successful Evaluations to be considered for the next course. I would be quizzing Ray all day, giving him scenarios to deal with and just judging his every action.

South Sumatra

We set off on the first leg of the day to Nagan Raya, it was pretty hazy as we took off, but at about 8000 ft cleared up nicely. We cruised over at 9500 ft with no wind at all. The descent had a few clouds that we had to dodge with the odd drizzle of rain before landing into a very calm Nagan. We loaded the next pax, I ordered a Nasi Goereng (really have to start eating better) and we were off to Singkil. This time there was no weather at all, no clouds and maybe 1 kt of wind. Very pleasant I must say. This gave me time to quiz Ray about everything from the fuel system to the G1000 and more.

Landing in Singkil we vacated the active runway and had to dodge a tortoise on the taxi way. The apron seemed abandoned as we taxied in, except for our tortoise, with not a sole in site. Ray had to quickly jump out and put the tail-stand in before letting the passengers out. We took a quick walk to go have a look at Mr Tortoise before heading back to Nagan and Aceh.  As we walked back to the plane people appeared from the woodwork along with documents and some luggage. Ray did the weight and balance while I filled out the flight plan and other documents before we set on our way. Passengers loaded we taxied out and were airborne in no time heading for Nagan. The next 2 legs were pretty much the same as the previous 2 although I did now have my Nasi and enjoyed it thoroughly on the way back.

Caravan Singkil

Once in Aceh we refueled for the last 2 legs of the day, full load of pax in, a coffee each and feeling a little tired we set off. The clouds were now starting to build along the mountains as we zig zagged our way to Kutacane. This always happens in the afternoons and luckily for us it had not built to the thunderstorm stage yet. 1.5 hrs later we were in Kutacane loading up the next lot of pax and starting the engine for the return trip. This was Rays last leg of the Evaluation and if all went well he would pass. The weather had got a bit worse now, which did not make it easy for Ray. He handled it well and we landed in Aceh unscathed and ready for a little rest before it all started again tomorrow.

Monutains Aceh

Route: WITT to WITC to WIMI to WITC to WITT to WIMU to WITT

Hours: 6.7 hrs


WITT (Banda Aceh)
Elevation: 65ft
Runway: 17/35
Length: 3000m

WIMI (Singkil)
Elevation: 20ft
Runway: 12/30
Length: 1200m

WITC (Nagan Raya)
Elevation: 10ft
Runway: 14/32
Length: 1800m

WIMU (Kutacane)
Elevation: 296ft
Runway: 15/33
Length: 1600m