Sunday flights today here in Indo started off nice abd early. Pick up was 05:30 this morning, nothing a strong coffee won’t fix.

Miguel and I set off for the airport with hopes the weather would be good today. Well I sit here in the hanger with the rain pouring down and delaying our last 2 legs, it could have been a quick day.

Our first leg was to Telo for the Sunday charters for Latitude Zero Resort. You can tell the surf season is coming to an end as we only had 2 surfers on the flight there and 8 coming back. The flight itself was ok, although there was a nice big cell midway which we had to dodge on the way there and back. Rainy season is coming in fast.
We had 2 of these charters, 4 legs in total. The second flight to Telo we were empty. Maybe next week we will have more people coming in.Now I sit here, waiting for the weather to improve. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. All I know is that we have until 15:00 to decide because of Rokot closing at 16:00. So we wait…

Finally the weather cleared and we were able to do a quick flight across to Rokot.  4 pax there and empty back made it a super quick turn around and we were back in Padang in no time. We are both buggered now after a 12 hour duty day,  so off to the house,  food and sleep.

Miguel somehow lost his bag today, we think it was offloaded by mistake,  luckily nothing important in it.

Also sorry about the pictures,  I forgot my memory card in my PC and had to use my phone.

Route: WIEE to WIMO to  WIEE to WIMO to WIEE to WIEB to WIEE

Hours: 5.4 hrs