Last day in Bengkulu has come.
Today we woke up for the last time in Bengkulu for a while, bags packed and loaded in the car we said our goodbyes to the crew and headed for the airport. The weather today has been perfect! Just a few clouds here and there but otherwise blue skies. We had a quick flight to Enggano with nothing out of the ordinary. Back in Bengkulu we had a quick lunch of the usual, said our goodbyes to the lady that owns the little warung that we eat at and the crew at the airport, started the plane up and shot off towards Muko-Muko.

Me Playing Uke

Again weather was great and we had no problems all the way to Padang. On arrival we met up with the pilots we were swapping with and had a nice little chat about life before they left. We are now back in the house for the night before leaving for Pangandaran tomorrow morning for the annual PPC. The PPC usually take about 5 days, with test, sims and a flight before we are let loose into the skies of Indo for another year:)
And that is all for today!

Islands enroute Padang

Route: WIGG to WIGE to WIGG to WIGM to WIEE
Hours: 3.5 hrs
Distance: 434 nm

Enggano Island

Runway Details:

WIGG (Bengkulu)
Length – 2240 m
Elevation – 50 ft
Runway – 13/31

WIGM (Muko-Muko)
Length – 1400 m
Elevation – 16 ft
Runway – 14/32

WIEE (Padang)
Length – 2750 m
Elevation – 18 ft
Runway – 15/33

Storm building Padang

WIGE (Enggano)
Length – 1200 m
Elevation – 20 ft
Runway – 12/30