It is the New Year!

I hope for everyone it will be an amazing one!

We started this year off with some charters, Peter and I have been sent to Padang to get them done for the Surf Resort Latitude Zero.
The first day (and the second) was one of the most beautiful days I have had in Telo, the sun was out and not a breath of wind was around to disturb the water, it looked amazing! Obviously we took a lot of photos;)

Me Turning for Final Approach

The surf charters are always fun to fly, as we get to chat a lot to the clients (all english) and sometimes have a little detour of an island or two, which they thoroughly enjoy. There is also the challenge of fitting everyone in the plane, including all the surfboards they have brought on the trip. (normally 2 or 3 each!) Anyway with the help of our experienced ground crew it is never too hard and we squeeze everyone in with ease.

Telo Town

These flights are the only ones we are doing this time of the year, the perinitis (goverment flights) have not quite started, so it is good to keep us busy and out of trouble;)

Telo Runway

Pete and I had a great two days of flying to the island in beautiful weather, with very friendly and chatty guests. We had plenty good chats, about life and woman while we tapped away to the beat of the music we were each listening to. The views were also splendid, the calm seas really make a difference to the view, especially around the islands and the surf spots. You can see the perfect lines peeling down the reef and on occasion can see a surfer ripping it to shreds!

This has been a great start to the year! There are plenty new things going to happen this year, so keep an eye on the site for new and exciting news! Like I said in the previous post, I will try get back into the swing of  things with this blog and get some more informative posts out!

Approaching Telo

Have a great year!

Day 1 – WIEE to WIMO to WIEE to WIMO to WIEE
Day 1 – WIEE to WIMO to WIEE to WIMO to WIEE

Hours: 8.4 hrs