Today started off with a 30 min delay due to weather. This is what we were up against:

Once we got out of Padang we cruised over to Muko-Muko without any problems, although the Tower was not manned (which is usually easier). We made our normally calls and landed without incident on a slightly wet runway.  I snacked on a delicious wrap made by Nisa, our cook, the night before and waited for the pax. All loaded and off to Bengkulu. We arrived in Bengkulu with time to spare, so ran to get a quick coffee and had a great chat to Andy the pilot of this thing: EMB-550

The day was now only starting (we had to catch up yesterday’s flights this morning). We set off to Enggano with nothing to worry about except the usual 20 kt wind straight down the runway , the windsock never shows above 5 kt due to its position and even after complaining countless times it still has not been moved.
I managed to finish a great book So You Want To Be A Ferry Pilot during the cruise and can definitely recommend it to pilots out there, the stories were entertaining and well written in my opinion. (I like reading during the cruise as it helps pass the time)

The last flight of the day to Muko-Muko had a little more weather which we easily just flew around without wasting too much time with the deviation.

All in all in was a pretty pleasant day!

Route: WIEE to WIGM to WIGG to WIGE to WIGG to WIGM to WIGG
Hours: 5.5 hrs
Distance: 550 nm

Runway Details:

WIGG (Bengkulu)
Length – 2240 m
Elevation – 50 ft
Runway – 13/31

WIGM (Muko-Muko)
Length – 1400 m
Elevation – 16 ft
Runway – 14/32

WIEE (Padang)
Length – 2750 m
Elevation – 18 ft
Runway – 15/33

WIGE (Enggano)
Length – 1200 m
Elevation – 20 ft
Runway – 12/30