2 Charters and one Perintis flight.

Rob and I got an early start today to get the charters done in time for the passengers to catch their connecting flights out of Padang. The first 2 legs were flown by Rob and the following by myself. The first flight we had to delay because we had to drain some fuel due to the load of passengers and surf boards taking us over our max weight by 150 lbs. This only took 15 min luckily and were on our way with only a 20 min delay. The flight across was beautiful with a nice high layer of cloud keeping us cool, and an odd shower here and there. The runway was pretty wet when we landed, but had no problem coming to a rest before the taxiway. Like a couple days ago about 5 min after landing the rain came down! We sat chatting to the passengers in the terminal while we waited for it to stop and the baggage and boards to be loaded. A quick flight back to land just over our limits with fuel, due to offloading. We always plan to land with a min of 400 lbs of fuel in the tanks, which gives us 1 hour and 20 min, as a company policy.

Island close to Tello

The next flight to Tello and back for the charter was pretty much the same but luckily having been able to load an extra 200 lbs of fuel.

The Perintis flights were to Rokot and back. These are Government subsidized flights  for the locals who can not afford the price of regular flights. The weather this time was a little worse and had forecast vis of about 2 km en-route. Things were on our side today and by the time we got there it had increased to 6 km with light rain. Rob put down a nice landing with again a very wet runway. With no pax returning we quickly closed up and were about to start when one of the ground crew came running to the plane waving. I opened the door to find up what was up only to be told that 2 passengers had arrived and wondered if we could take them. We of course said yes, did the mass and balance, loaded them up and took off for the last flight of the day. A quick flight across to end the day.


Flying from the right seat these last couple days have been a bit weird. I have been looking for buttons to the right and calling out things on the checklist that are for the captain, all in all a little confusing. But Rob is complete with the checks and is being sent off with a co-pilot tomorrow. Time for 2 days of rest for me!

Route: WIEE to WIMO to WIEE to WIMO to WIEE to WIEB to WIEE

Hours: 5.4 hrs