To start off, I say sorry for not doing any posts this last week. I have no excuse beside just being lazy. I have flown 3 days since my last post for approximately 15 hrs.

We will just jump forward to today. It was a nice late wake up for me as I would only be taking over on the last 2 legs of the day. The reason is because I am very close to maxing out my hours and could not do the full day today if I want to do the next few. Basically I am not allowed to fly more than 100 hrs in the previous 30 days. I am sitting around the 95 hr mark.

Anyway, I met Ron at the airport, the New Captain I would be training, for our flight to Kutacane and then on to Banda Aceh. For the next 20 hours he is flying under my supervision to gain experience before being sent out solo with copilots. Everything tends to bit a bit slower because things can be a little daunting when you first start.

We made it through the day without a problem. There was some weather to deal with, but for training this is great as it actually makes the line training worth while and as a new captain it is nice to be put in these situations with some experience sitting next to you.

We are now in Aceh for the next few days.

I promise to be more consistent with the posts;) Aaaand I got a new toy;)

Route: WIMM to WIMU to WITT

Hours: 2.6 Hrs


WIMM (Medan)
Elevation: 23ft
Runway: 05/23
Length: 3750m

WIMU (Kutacane)
Elevation: 296ft
Runway: 15/33
Length: 1600m

WITT (Banda Aceh)
Elevation: 65ft
Runway: 17/35
Length: 3000m