“I chose the role of mission pilot” – Pete Greenwald

Photo by @the.left.seat (Pete)

Pete Greenwald
Flying in Papua, Indonesia
Company MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship)

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“If you want to become a pilot and travel the world there are many different paths your aviation career could take you.  Airlines and corporate flying are probably the most popular choices but another exciting job in aviation is that of a bush pilot.  Even within the relatively small world of bush flying there are plenty of career options depending on what interests you.  I chose the role of mission pilot, a bush pilot serving with a Christian organization aimed at making a difference in the lives of people living in isolation.

Photo by @the.left.seat (Pete)

While I love airplanes and flying just as much as the next avgeek, for me, the lure of conquering the sky is less about the airplane I fly and more about making a difference in people’s lives.  If you’re asking yourself how it is that a pilot, who basically flies a heavy machine from one place to another, can have an impact on other people, then keep reading.

Photo by @the.left.seat (Pete)

It may seem like all pilots do is drive a fancy bus.  But pilots, and bus drivers (shout out to my earth-bound comrades), play an often overlooked role in the everyday lives of many.  Where I live in Papua, Indonesia, daily life revolves around small airplanes, flown by bush pilots, taking off and landing on tiny dirt airstrips situated on mountain sides and along jungle rivers.  The other method for getting to these remote villages typically involves multi-day treks over rough terrain.  I’ll let you guess which option is preferred.  So, when the people living in these communities need medicine, a bush pilot brings it to them.  And when the medicine isn’t enough, a bush pilot takes them to a hospital.  When they need teachers to educate their children, the bush pilot flies them in, and when they need building supplies, food, or transportation to the big city (along with their pigs) a bush pilot and a team of mechanics, flight schedulers, loaders, and radio operators make it happen.

If you are like me and you want to have a career with purpose, then start searching and don’t stop until you find the right fit for you.  Cause at the end of the day what really matters is the people around you.”

Photo by @the.left.seat (Pete)

To find out more about the organization Pete flies for visit www.maf.org and be sure to follow Pete on Instagram @the.left.seat

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