This page is here to help with the Job Hunt, I will post some low time jobs every now and then and below you can find some useful tips, advice and some stories of others who were in the same position as you are or once were.

To start you off here is a link to a CV and Cover Letter template, please feel free to use them and share my page for others to benefit as well.


C208 AME

C208 AME We are currently seeking C208 rated Engineers that will operate on contract basis in Africa. Please send CV's ...
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GREAT LOW TIME OPPORTUNITY! We are looking for a suitable candidate to pilot our JAB4, C182 and PA32 aircraft. The ...
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Getting a Job With Susi Air

This is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I would write it all down here so you are able to get all the same information. First …

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Should I pay for a rating?

There is a job available, you have the hours required, but they have added one sentence that pretty much rules you out. RATED ON TYPE…. Before I go further, I …

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Getting Your First Job

We have all been there, that catch 22 that seems impossible to get out of. It took me personally 6 months to land my first job and it didn’t get …

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