Welcome to the SA Bush Pilot!

First off this blog has been started for me (Mike) to share my experiences with you and hopefully inspire you to go out and get your pilot’s licence, or if you already have one, share some exciting stories, pictures, videos and tips that I have picked up on my journey to where I am now. This is for all you non aviators who would just like to follow along for the ride.

A bit about me:
My name is Mike, I am a South African who loves to fly. I am currently working in Indonesia for a small company servicing the smaller and more remote airstrips.
I learnt to fly in 2009 and unlike most pilots I meet didn’t always have a desire to fly, but after seeing planes flying above my school in Grahamstown and not really knowing what I wanted to do after school I gave it a go.

Since then I have worked in numerous places, Botswana, Namibia, Cape Town and now, Indonesia. It all didn’t start out as smoothly as I wanted it to though. After completing my instructors rating I sat for about 6 months looking for work. I finally got a break doing a bit of instruction work in Botswana and then through a friends connection got a job flying C210s in Namibia, and my career has slowly grown from there. (I will explain more about each place in my weekly blog posts)
I am now happily flying in Indonesia with no intention to leave anytime soon.

So for all that are interested please follow my adventures, ask any questions and be inspired to travel and explore the world of aviation through my perspective.

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Safe Skies,